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Australia Skilled Occupation Residence Visa Changes

For many seeking to move to Australia for better living conditions or job opportunity the Australia Skilled Occupation Residence Visa now has some Changes. Recently, Australia has seen a fair share of increase in skilled migrant workers since 2011 according to Jock Collins Professor of Social Economics at the University of Sydney. It is now estimated that 68% of the residence visas filed in Australia are under the skilled migrant category.

In effort to curb the explosion in the labor market Australia is slowly tightening the belt on migrant workers and study visas in order to assure an equal and balanced availability of jobs for its native residence. As of 1 of July 2013 five skill categories will be removed from the skilled migrant workers list. The categories will include Aircraft maintenance workers and Pharmacist workers according to the Australian Government Department of Immigration.

Other changes in the skilled migrant workers visa include a new mandatory skilled workers test assessment called Skill Select that will also take effect as of the July 1, 2013. The test assessment has a new points system that takes a closer look at each individual’s qualifications before they apply for an Australian visa. You will no longer be able to apply direct for a skilled workers visa. You must first take the online Skill Select assessment before submitting an application for a residence visa.

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