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Kinds of shipping pallets to use for overseas shipping

standard pallet

This discussion goes over the kinds of pallets that can be used to prepare an overseas self pack shipment.  If you are planning a self-pack international move you are probably going to need to fill your own pallet boxes and set them on top of a shipping pallet. Pallets come in a variety of sizes and materials and depending on ...

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Go Abroad: What you need to know before you leave

go move abroad

Before setting out on your journey to go abroad, understand that the adventure you are about set out on will hold more new experiences than you can imagine. That’s why I am going to share with you what you need to know before you leave and start your new life. Going abroad is not always about living in paradise or ...

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Top events in Europe summer 2015

tomorrowland festival Brlgium

Looking for places to go to in Europe this summer? We got you covered with live music festivals, art exhibits and cultural events. If this sounds like a plan, then add these hot venues to your European travel plans. One of the best parts about going abroad is the food, culture and of course the music.   Dour Music Festival. ...

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Expatriating to St. Lucia Island

Jalouise beach St. Lucia Island

Of all the unusual and intriguing places in the world to move to, St Lucia tops our strangest place to immigrate to. Expat Neil Armitage made this tropical Island his home amongst a small Island population of about 170,000 people. Warm weather and humidity are only some of the daily experiences he faces. A difficult and slow economy and development ...

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Oldest Message in a Bottle Found

oldest message in a bottle found

On March 2014 the Guinness World book of records has added the oldest message in a bottle found that dates back 101 years ago. The bottle was found in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Germany.  Fisherman Conrad Fischer pulled a beer bottle caught in his fishing net out only to find what looked like a message inside according ...

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3 Money Saving Tips to Lower Moving Cost


Moving is the perfect time to say good bye to the old and get rid of the clutter in your closets and take advantage of making a few bucks in the process. Moving is not always about paying for moving expenses in fact I actually made enough money from my move from the United States to Europe to lower my ...

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High cost of living, world’s most expensive 10 cities in 2014

Image of Singapoure

With the weakening of the Yen, Tokyo falls from the top of the most expensive city in the world and the tarnished crown now belongs to Singapore who takes over as the least economical city to live in.  The latest report was researched by the Economist Worldwide cost of living index. This is a survey ranks 160 global cites and ...

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