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Oldest Message in a Bottle Found

oldest message in a bottle found

On March 2014 the Guinness World book of records has added the oldest message in a bottle found that dates back 101 years ago. The bottle was found in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Germany.  Fisherman Conrad Fischer pulled a beer bottle caught in his fishing net out only to find what looked like a message inside according ...

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Expat Interview with Leigh Stevens-UK expat in the Netherlands

Leigh Stevens is an expat that knows probably more about living abroad than he does about living in his hometown in Hertfordshire UK.  That’s because he’s spent a great deal of his life seizing career opportunities most people wouldn’t dare to do. His expat life began before he finished college.  Leigh received an offer to intern as a coach in ...

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Search Goes On for Missing Expat Writter

Missing expat journalist In Siem Riep province in Cambodia, a Canadian expat journalist Dave Walker went missing on February 14th. He disappeared unexpectedly from the guest house where he had been staying. It seems his passport, mobile phone, laptop and personal items were all left behind. His friends and the police are leaning toward some sort of foul play that ...

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Facebook Contest

Win a ReVIVE series solar restore travel size solar power charger for all your mobile devices or $50 gift certificate on Amazon.com   Compact travel solar power station is perfect to recharge your portable devices wherever you go. No need for strange power plugs that don’t fit or voltage differences. Comes with a USB charging port for portable e-readers, MP ...

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EU Gives New Blue Card Work Visa for Jobs in Europe

photo of group working

The European Union is now offering a new Blue Card work visa for jobs in Europe similar to the United States Green card program. The Blue Card is a work permit for highly skilled labor allowing them to work anywhere within any European Union countries except the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland. The Blue Card work visa now offered in ...

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Australia Skilled Occupation Residence Visa Changes

Sydney Australia

For many seeking to move to Australia for better living conditions or job opportunity the Australia Skilled Occupation Residence Visa now has some Changes. Recently, Australia has seen a fair share of increase in skilled migrant workers since 2011 according to Jock Collins Professor of Social Economics at the University of Sydney. It is now estimated that 68% of the ...

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Two Importers Arrested for Smuggling Luxury Cars

auto importers arrested for smuggling

Two male auto importers were taken into custody in Thailand on June 20, 2013 according to Bangkok Post, which had been allegedly involved in a luxury car tax evasion scam.  They charges against them included smuggling four luxury cars including a Lamborghini, a Bentley and two Ferrari’s. The men had falsely described the type of car and condition the vehicles ...

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