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Preparing to move abroad

Go Abroad: What you need to know before you leave

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Before setting out on your journey to go abroad, understand that the adventure you are about set out on will hold more new experiences than you can imagine. That’s why I am going to share with you what you need to know before you leave and start your new life. Going abroad is not always about living in paradise or ...

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3 Money Saving Tips to Lower Moving Cost


Moving is the perfect time to say good bye to the old and get rid of the clutter in your closets and take advantage of making a few bucks in the process. Moving is not always about paying for moving expenses in fact I actually made enough money from my move from the United States to Europe to lower my ...

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3 Packing Tips From Military Moms

The most useful packing tips and entertaining expat stories I run across usually come from military expat families.  Nobody has a better game plan then military spouses when it comes to moving to different locations around the world. When the order to ‘move out’ gets handed down these families know how to plan, organize and budget on the fly. I ...

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What Information to Gather When Preparing to Move Abroad


Preparing to move abroad is not about packing things in boxes, instead I’m going talk about the gathering information phase that’s crucial to planning an epic move. If you are reading this article that means you have already made up your mind to move abroad and you are already searching for answers on how to manage an overseas move without ...

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What to pack when moving abroad

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The best place to get advice on what to pack when you move abroad is from people who have actually moved overseas. A lot of moving company websites like to promote their moving services and give you their version of how to save money or time on an international move. And that’s quite ok if you are taking a job ...

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