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Deciding to move abroad

Weighing a decision to move abroad is opportunity knocking at your door that does not come often. You can ask advice from friends and family or talk with expats about their lives abroad but the truth of it is there are no two people or life experiences that will grantee you if moving abroad is the right decision for you. The decision to move abroad and leave your country, friends, and family either for a short term or permanent stay takes a lot of confidence in your self to manage emotional and personal change. From the moment you cross the boarder and step off the plane, boat or car and put your foot on new ground your whole life will be different everyday.

Ask your self if you are the kind of person that can react calm and handle criticism and off handed comments everyday.  Living in a foreign country means you are the outsider and people will take notice of things like your accent, your appearance, personality and the different choices you make. You may go totally unnoticed and move about your day as usual in your home country, however this is usually not the case when you move and live overseas. You need to be able to handle comments with humor and tolerance if not, you will find your self frustrated annoyed and wanting to leave.

How good are you at handling frustration? This is one of the most critical questions not only to ask yourself but to think back through your experiences in life and judge how good you are at not getting frustrated and letting things bother you. If you get easily frustrated and you’re the kind of person that likes rules, laws and things to be in order than perhaps living abroad is not for you. Every country has their own version of rules and their own way of doing things or not. You may not like that people run red lights when they think its safe to do so or that you have to pass exams and pay for ridiculously expensive licenses for just about everything from swimming to playing golf or pushing and shoving in line at the supermarket. There are just too many things that can get you easily frustrated it can really make you wonder why you moved there in the first place.

What is your current lifestyle like and are you willing to change it? If you are the kind of person who thrives in a very busy social lifestyle then moving abroad perhaps will not be the optimal choice for you. Building up a new social circle can take a longer time than it ever will back in your home country depending on how flexible a person you are. This is mainly true if you are living in a country that speaks a different language. Languages can be the largest barrier in meeting friends and fitting in. Local people always seem polite and friendly when you first meet them but after a few months the new comer welcome has worn off. If you are not able to communicate with people in their native language, they sometimes begin to call or come around a lot less often. It’s normal and should not be taken negatively but it can have an impact in reducing the amount of relationships you might have if your not willing to make some changes.

Living and moving abroad is not for everyone and it is a very expensive mistake to make if you don’t know what you will be getting into or why. If you are good at handling the negative situations with humor and indifference, don’t get easily frustrated and don’t mind a low amount of people in your social circle, then your probably not going to have to much difficulty making the transition. It takes a lot of effort and strength to face day after day feeling a little unusual and like a stranger in someone else s country. People that are flexible, don’t get easily bothered by others and cooperate with no hesitation find life overseas enjoyable and successfully integrate.