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New zealand

Discover New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand

Discover New Zealand’s and Australia’s raw beauty and add this to your bucket list because you don’t want to miss this top location for nature lovers or adventure seekers. That’s because New Zealand has it all when it comes to thick forest, ample hiking, fishing, rivers and lakes to snowy peaks and warm sandy beaches. If you are thinking about what is there to do and see in New Zealand think no more.  Skip out on the tourist stops and get advice on the most popular attractions in New Zealand from a local perspective. You can do this from backpackerboard.co.nz this site is a great place to get just about everything you need to explore, shop, and live New Zealand. You can find great dinning, hiking, sightseeing and fun things to do. If you are new to New Zealand you can even find a job, look for a hostel or book a whitewater rafting tour.


With 7,682,300km² Australia is an enormous country to explore.  Getting to know your way around Australia is fairly easy but tapping into the best places to go in Australia can take years. Here are a few great resources to help you get to know the best of Australia. Rough Guides Australia has written the book on exploring Australia literally. Take a hiking trip, bungee jump a canyon or find the best places to shop Rough Guides gives you literally everything you need to feel at home in Australia in the palm of your hand.

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