How do you deal with currency changes?

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I personally have moved a number of times to different places. I  had to deal a lot with the currency conversion problems, how do you deal with currency?


  • There is a ton of trouble especially when I ventured from my hometown (Utah) to England. It wasn't that hard but you need to basically visit a bank and transfer x amount of dollars to the currency used where you are visiting. In the end it was worth it though.
  • As Matt said, it becomes quite complicated depending where you are traveling too. You should plan these kind of things out ahead of time to avoid issues in the conversion process. I have heard of many people having issues at this stage. I have never had to transfer currency as I am a complete newbie to expat.
  • You guys must be noobs to where you are living. That's crazy, I dont do anything when it comes to currency differences. You earn the currency from the country you live in and pay your bills in that currency. You cant do anything about the value of the currency from your home country to your new country unless your talking about money laundering. You should have thought that out before you moved.
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