Anyone from the Netherlands here?

I may be brave for being one of the first post in here, I hope someone finds this post. Anyway I'll give it a try. My husband and I moved to the Netherlands about four months from Canada for a three year assignment. We like it here so far but I am finding it hard to look for a job. So many companies require you to speak the local language but I was wondering if anyone knows of employment agencies or other ways that might make this go easier or faster for me?

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    I live in Belgium and it should be pretty much the same here as it is in NL. You are better off using an employment agency for internationals. Otherwise you wont get any phone calls from recruiters if you do not speak Dutch. Recruiters are looking to place people fast and most jobs require you to speak Dutch and English and the country is mostly bi-lingual so its rough if you are only English speaking. But there are some positions that are for internationals like Unique multilingual recruitment. I hope that helps
  • I personally am from Canada. This seems like a great site for me to learn more about my country and living outside of my native land (Quebec).
  • I know many people from the Netherlands. As hgtonight mentioned, you should probably seek out an employment agency to assist you in getting that job if you are stuck between a language barrier.
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