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Jalouise beach St. Lucia Island

Expatriating to St. Lucia Island

Of all the unusual and intriguing places in the world to move to, St Lucia tops our strangest place to immigrate to. Expat Neil Armitage made this tropical Island his home amongst a small Island population of about 170,000 people. Warm weather and humidity are only some of the daily experiences he faces. A difficult and slow economy and development in infrastructure are part of life living on an Island.

St Lucia is located in the center of the Archipelago of the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is mainly English speaking but many natives speak French or a bit of creole dialect. This former British Colony has a population mix from its former traders and explorers that colonized the island in earlier times. French, Africans, and English descendants all make up a mix of the island population today. Most of the island depends upon tourism, rum manufacturing, coal and imports to keep things going.

Neil and his wife moved to St Lucia in 2006 from the United Kingdom and were married on the Island and never looked back. In their spare time they write about their adventures on the Island in their blog www.saintlucialife.net  If you really want to know what it is like to live on an Island then check out his adventures. Their blog is a good source of information from a local resident’s perspective. They discuss the local entertainment, festivals, places to visit and dine and natural beauty of the St. Lucia. Check out his blog and say hello to this expat if you are interested in a visit to St. Lucia

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