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Four Books for Moving Abroad


In order to prepare yourself to move abroad it is highly advisable to get some cross culture training. Studies have shown that people that prepare themselves for living in a cross cultural environment are much more successful in overseas assignments and interpersonal and business relationships.  The lack of cultural learning leads to communication break down and relocation failure. For those preparing for a job relocation whose careers include leading teams or implementing improvements in foreign offices your success will largely depend on how much you invested in preparing for a new culture.

For those that move abroad as a spouse, for a relationship, family or any non career decision there are four must read books to pick up for moving abroad. These books include resources to help you cope with a new culture and reduce the stress and anxiety of living among people that have a different mindset and way of doing things.


Retireing on a 25,000 budget
get-it-here The International Living Guide To Retiring Overseas on A Budget;
How To Live Well on $25,000 A Year

By: Suzan Haskins


Learn effective strategies for planning a retirement overseas. Even a 25,000 budget can offer you a far better lifestyle than you could hope for in many Western countries such as United States, UK or Canada. This book will reveal details on affordable locations and what makes them so attractive to retirees. The strategies are also adaptable to younger families looking for an higher quality affordable lifestyle in a different location.

Suzane Haskins and Dan Precher have over 30 years of experience living abroad and have been guest authors on Huffington Post and AARP. If you ever tossed around the idea of relocating overseas then this is the book to pick up. Creating a safe financial road map is the first step in learning if this is the right move for you. Don’t miss out, learn how you can live abroad on a modest budget.

image of book Portable Identity

A Portable Identity
get-it-hereA Woman’s Guide to Maintaining Sense of Self While Moving Overseas.
Revised edition
By: Debra R. Bryson and Charise M. Hoge
Transition Press International

If you are joining your spouse on their career opportunities abroad then this book is for you.  After the excitement of living in a new location wears off, you are going to face making some adjustments in your daily routine or life. Sometimes these changes can feel like they are limiting your comfort zone. This book has been written by two authors who have practiced clinical counseling for partners accompanying their spouses working and living abroad.  They discuss how living overseas changes your personal identity that can lead to anxiety, frustrations and depression. You will read about the most common two events that happened among almost all of the people they spoke with during their counseling sessions. The most common complaints evolved around change and loss.  When change happens many people feel a sense of loss and in the process feel like they are losing themselves. This book helps you to know yourself and helps you to gain control of your life and happiness in a foreign environment. Even if you feel you are quite up for the challenge, reading this book will help you understand the changes and the warning signs.

Image of book cover Breaking Through Culture Shockget-it-hereBreaking Through Culture Shock
What You Need to Succeed In International Business
By: Elisabeth Marx
Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Getting chosen to work in your companies foreign office is no guarantee you will accomplish the job you were sent there to do. Only 50% of US managers and 14% of the UK management team succeeded in international business relocation’s. The reason so many people fail or request an early return is because they do not understand or can not bridge culture shock.  When cross cultural problems arise you inevitably maybe doomed to fail. Elisabeth Marx approach is to show you what real managers think, feel and do. Marx outlines what kinds of changes and alternatives produce better results by giving dozens of examples from major global International Companies.  As the saying goes “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.” This is definitely a book to get and add to your arsenal if you plan on working overseas.

image of book cover Studying Abroad Learning Abroad
get-it-hereStudying Abroad / Learning Abroad: An Abridged Addition of the Whole
World Guide to Culture Learning

By: Daniel Hess
Intercultural Press / Nicholas Brealy Publishing

When students go abroad they often encounter experiences in their host culture that might disturb them or frustrate them.  Sometimes living abroad means you wake up and find out you are angry at not finding the foods you enjoyed from home, or you can’t find the entertainment your use to enjoying for example. This can end up souring your mood and spoiling your opportunities. Its difficult coping with change being away from home over a longer period of time and it can lead to tension or depression with out you being aware of it. This book helps you to understand what you will face going overseas when you study abroad and prepares you to overcome negative responses so you can stay focused on your studies and enjoy a rewarding cultural experience.