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3 Great Ways to Go Abroad Temporarily

Its easy to go abroad temporarily on a small budget and explore the world.  Temporary exploratory trips are great for people who don’t quite have the nerve to commit to a full move overseas but really want to know what its like to live in another country. Now days there are several options to go overseas temporarily so you never really have to go it alone if your feeling a little nervous about solo traveling . Here’s how you can find several budget friendly options to plan your own trip and find temporary work to help finance your short term stay abroad.

#1 Try A Working Holiday

One of the easiest ways to plan an escape abroad is through a working holiday program. These programs offer the possibility to go abroad for about a year with a visa and work permit arranged for you. Working holidays are sometimes referred to as taking a ‘Gap Year’.  These programs are focused on college grads or working professionals who would like to take a year off and live in an entirely new culture. Some working holiday programs will also help provide an employer or offer you assistance finding one. What’s nice about working holiday programs is that there can be several people from other countries that you will meet up with at your destination. You don’t have to feel alone and you can go explore your new environment with a few new friends.

#2 Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is also an option if your flexible in your living conditions and need a little income.  Seasonal work programs secure a seasonal work visas allowing you to live and stay short term. Often seasonal work can be anything from working at a hotel, farm, or a seasonal tourist attraction such as a ski resort. Just be sure to take your time in understanding your employment contract, salary and available free time you will have to go explore the country you choose to live and work in.

#3 Become A Volunteer

Volunteering to work abroad is one of the many ways you can explore different cultures and feel good about giving a little of yourself and help a cause. Much of the volunteer work is in under developed countries or counties in need of assistance with environmental projects or education amongst many other possibilities. Assignments vary per program. Also be aware that only some volunteer work only pay out enough pocket change to purchase very basic needs while other volunteer organizations may charge high fees for you to join. Some organizations will offer free room and board in exchange for your work.  One of the ways you can help fund your volunteer adventure is to ask for a sponsorship through your church or local community. There are even some businesses or schools that are willing to contribute to your volunteer work in another country if your will to promote your sponsor in return. See our post on funding volunteer work for more details on opening the door to a new experience.


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