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How to prepare to move abroad

3 Packing Tips From Military Moms

The most useful packing tips and entertaining expat stories I run across usually come from military expat families.  Nobody has a better game plan then military spouses when it comes to moving to different locations around the world. When the order to ‘move out’ gets handed down these families know how to plan, organize and budget on the fly. I ...

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3 Great Ways to Go Abroad Temporarily

Volunteer Abroad UBELONG

Its easy to go abroad temporarily on a small budget and explore the world.  Temporary exploratory trips are great for people who don’t quite have the nerve to commit to a full move overseas but really want to know what its like to live in another country. Now days there are several options to go overseas temporarily so you never ...

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How to Pack A Pallet For Moving Abroad

One of the ways you can save money on your moving cost is to pack a pallet box or container yourself instead of hiring someone to do it for you. This is called a self pack move. A Self pack move means just as it sounds, you pack your goods and the carrier will pick the pallets up at your ...

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Myths about the cost of living overseas

Image of international currency

A crucial step in deciding to move abroad is to calculate your cost of living overseas and prepare a budget but its not as simple as it sounds here’s why.  As someone who has lived in several international locations, I can tell you that it is nearly impossible to plan a monthly budget with any exact accuracy. Every country will ...

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What Information to Gather When Preparing to Move Abroad


Preparing to move abroad is not about packing things in boxes, instead I’m going talk about the gathering information phase that’s crucial to planning an epic move. If you are reading this article that means you have already made up your mind to move abroad and you are already searching for answers on how to manage an overseas move without ...

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EU Gives New Blue Card Work Visa for Jobs in Europe

photo of group working

The European Union is now offering a new Blue Card work visa for jobs in Europe similar to the United States Green card program. The Blue Card is a work permit for highly skilled labor allowing them to work anywhere within any European Union countries except the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland. The Blue Card work visa now offered in ...

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Australia Skilled Occupation Residence Visa Changes

Sydney Australia

For many seeking to move to Australia for better living conditions or job opportunity the Australia Skilled Occupation Residence Visa now has some Changes. Recently, Australia has seen a fair share of increase in skilled migrant workers since 2011 according to Jock Collins Professor of Social Economics at the University of Sydney. It is now estimated that 68% of the ...

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Two Importers Arrested for Smuggling Luxury Cars

auto importers arrested for smuggling

Two male auto importers were taken into custody in Thailand on June 20, 2013 according to Bangkok Post, which had been allegedly involved in a luxury car tax evasion scam.  They charges against them included smuggling four luxury cars including a Lamborghini, a Bentley and two Ferrari’s. The men had falsely described the type of car and condition the vehicles ...

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