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How to prepare to move abroad

Deciding to move abroad?

Tourist looking at the coastline

Weighing a decision to move abroad is opportunity knocking at your door that does not come often. You can ask advice from friends and family or talk with expats about their lives abroad but the truth of it is there are no two people or life experiences that will grantee you if moving abroad is the right decision for you. ...

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Going Abroad After College Changed My Life

Going abroad after college changed my life, although I did not recognize it at the time. After my graduation ceremony my family presented me with a card that read “Valid for one round trip ticket to go anywhere in the world.”  So I hit the road for a temporary move to Thailand and with a friend and was bitten by ...

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Taxes and retirement income propel moving abroad

retired couple

In 2012 an estimated 3.3 million baby boomers prepared to move abroad for retirement according to Forbes. The global trend is largely propelled not only by new retirees but slightly younger generations hoping to retire some place they can afford even if it means going overseas. In the past, most people who bought a home planed on paying off the ...

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The four signs of relocation stress

image of a woman with relocation stress

No one realizes how stress can build up and there are four easy signs to help you know when you have hit the melting point of relocation stress. Tom and Elizabeth moved into the perfect home with a breath taking view overlooking the coastline of Aruba. No more cold weather, no more sitting in traffic. Six months to a year later Elizabeth ...

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What to pack when moving abroad

Image of woman moving and packing

The best place to get advice on what to pack when you move abroad is from people who have actually moved overseas. A lot of moving company websites like to promote their moving services and give you their version of how to save money or time on an international move. And that’s quite ok if you are taking a job ...

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10 things to consider before you move abroad

writing down notes

As someone who has moved abroad many times over many countries no matter where I go I always have to make adjustments in my life that most people would never think about if they want to live in another country so I put together a list of 10 common things to consider before you move abroad. If you are planning ...

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What kinds of student exchange programs are available?

student asking for advice

Before you can select an international student exchange program lets first get a good understand of what types of student exchange programs there are available for studying abroad. If you find qualifying for a student exchange program a little to difficult or have a limited financial support there are many options to choose from. Some students choose to follow their ...

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How to prepare to study abroad for exchange students

international students in classroom

Before you prepare to study abroad as an exchange student, you need to meet some pretty high qualifications that include age, academic grades, financial support and community sponsorship in order to apply. It’s tough to qualify for a long term international student exchange program but it is no doubt the best way to get out there and see what it ...

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