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Oldest Message in a Bottle Found

oldest message in a bottle foundOn March 2014 the Guinness World book of records has added the oldest message in a bottle found that dates back 101 years ago. The bottle was found in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Germany.  Fisherman Conrad Fischer pulled a beer bottle caught in his fishing net out only to find what looked like a message inside according to the Guardian.  Due to the aged appearance of the bottle the he gave the object over to the International Maritime Museum in the Northern Port of Hamburg.

Research was conducted immediately to remove the fragile contents and discover who the author of the bottle might be.  An Identity was barely legible but the researchers were able to determine the author and track down his 62 year old granddaughter Angela Erdmann who lives in Berlin.  Erdmann was stunned to hear of the discovery and was the first person to hold the bottle at the Hamburg museum. Inside the bottle was a message asking the finder to return the bottle to the writer’s address in Berlin.  Tears rolled down Erdmanns face because she had never known her grandfather he had died at the age of 54 when she was only eight but had not yet met him.

The researchers were able to determine that a 20 year old young man named Richard Platz lived at the address.  Apparently in 1913 Platz while attended a group nature hike, threw the bottle into the sea.  Much of the writing on the post card is illegible from dampness inside the bottle and further research will be conducted to try and recover the whole message.

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