• Planning A Move Overseas?

    Make it happen, get advice on how to move abroad

  • Moving Abroad to Study

    Studying abroad opens your mind to diversity

  • Retire Abroad

    Find out what people say about becoming an expat after 60

What Information to Gather When Preparing to Move Abroad


Preparing to move abroad is not about packing things in boxes, instead I’m going talk about the gathering information phase that’s crucial to planning an epic move. If you are reading this article that means you have already made up your mind to move abroad and you are already searching for answers on how to manage an overseas move without ...

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Deciding to move abroad?

Tourist looking at the coastline

Weighing a decision to move abroad is opportunity knocking at your door that does not come often. You can ask advice from friends and family or talk with expats about their lives abroad but the truth of it is there are no two people or life experiences that will grantee you if moving abroad is the right decision for you. ...

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Going Abroad After College Changed My Life

Going abroad after college changed my life, although I did not recognize it at the time. After my graduation ceremony my family presented me with a card that read “Valid for one round trip ticket to go anywhere in the world.”  So I hit the road for a temporary move to Thailand and with a friend and was bitten by ...

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Taxes and retirement income propel moving abroad

retired couple

In 2012 an estimated 3.3 million baby boomers prepared to move abroad for retirement according to Forbes. The global trend is largely propelled not only by new retirees but slightly younger generations hoping to retire some place they can afford even if it means going overseas. In the past, most people who bought a home planed on paying off the ...

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  • Work Gap program

    What are Work Gap Programs?

    Work Gap programs are sometimes known as working holidays or taking a leap year. Gap programs are designed for people who want to take roughly a one year break to do a little traveling during your career and have a little fun or volunteer to work in a different country. ...

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  • Photo of girl in London

    How to Finance a Gap Year