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auto importers arrested for smuggling
The two men arrested for the four luxury cars that went up in flames while held in the auto carrier. Image by: Bangkok Post

Two Importers Arrested for Smuggling Luxury Cars

Two male auto importers were taken into custody in Thailand on June 20, 2013 according to Bangkok Post, which had been allegedly involved in a luxury car tax evasion scam.  They charges against them included smuggling four luxury cars including a Lamborghini, a Bentley and two Ferrari’s. The men had falsely described the type of car and condition the vehicles were actually in, in order to avoid paying import tax.

The two men held were Naruenart Kwansawas and Thanant Kwansawas surrender to the police during questioning. The two importers set fire to two of the four vehicles to attempt to hide the evidence.

There is an ongoing investigation questioning the vehicle owners that may have a possible connection to 548 other luxury cars that have been recently registered in Thailand. It may be possible that many of the luxury cars have been illegally obtained and sold by the importers.


Bangkok press June 2013

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