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Work Gap program

What are Work Gap Programs?

Work Gap programs are sometimes known as working holidays or taking a leap year. Gap programs are designed for people who want to take roughly a one year break to do a little traveling during your career and have a little fun or volunteer to work in a different country. These programs offer college grads or anyone who wants to travel an opportunity to explore a new country and to meet new people. Its a great way to travel safely on a small budget.

Gap travel is usually done through smaller private travel companies or through volunteer organizations that have years of experience in putting together adventure travel packages. These programs arrange a job or volunteer work in the destination of your choice. The great part about Work Gap programs is that the service usually includes a one year visa and work permit in order for you to work abroad. Just about everything is arranged for you including 24/7 emergency contacts. Gap travel is a pretty cheap way to go because all the members joining the gap travel program usually split the cost by sharing housing with other group members. The benefit of having foreign roommates is that it’s great way to meet new people from other countries doing the same thing you are.

Gap programs have the right kind of combination of fun and a part time job to help you out with a little pocket money along the way. The key is finding the right situation for your needs. Whether it is skiing on a snowy mountain peak while working at a ski resort or volunteering to make improvements in small communities across Nepal there are many adventures awaiting.

Not all Gap year programs are the same. Some of the travel based Gap programs provide fun jobs so you can focus on having a good time. While others are volunteer oriented and require larger travel fees up front and don’t include paid volunteer work. You need to carefully weigh the organizations fees and services including who will process your visa. Some organizations charge larger fees for some services such as travel insurance and visa processing that are cheaper and easier for you to do yourself. The main things you want to look out for when you choose a gap program are living conditions, labor and program satisfaction. Remember you are paying the bill and doing the labor. Try and get references from people that have used the gap program or volunteer services and see what they had to say about their services. You want to be sure that the program meets your expectations for the time and money you invest in taking an important year abroad.

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