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EU Gives New Blue Card Work Visa for Jobs in Europe

The European Union is now offering a new Blue Card work visa for jobs in Europe similar to the United States Green card program. The Blue Card is a work permit for highly skilled labor allowing them to work anywhere within any European Union countries except the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland. The Blue Card work visa now offered in Europe, is the answer to the labor problem for countries scrambling to retain or improve their skilled labor force.

You may generally qualify for the Blue Card Program if you have at least one of the following.

  • A higher Education Bachelors/ Masters Degree / PHD
  • A contract to work for an Employer in the EU
  • Must have the necessary travel documents and records standard with most visas

If you meet these requirements you qualify for a Blue Card Visa. As a Blue Card holder, you entitled to attractive pay scale protected by a rule allowing Blue Card holders a 1.5 percent above the national average salary rate. The Blue card also allows you to bring your spouse and family along with you and the possibility of a permanent residence status after 5 years.

If you do not have a work contract in Europe, there are Blue Card Networks that offer assistance in helping you find a qualified job in Europe. To fast track getting a job in Europe and securing a Blue Card Visa, you can also work with specialized Blue Card job recruiters. They have a network of employers throughout Europe and it is the fastest way for your resume to be seen by the right employers. To find out more about the blue card residence visa visit the EU Immigration Portal.

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